Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is when an abuser or abusers take advantage of a child or young person and encourages them or forces them into sexual activity. This may be in exchange for something the young person wants or needs such as food, accommodation, drugs, affection, gifts or money.

The abuser can be one person or a group. They have power over the young person as a result of age, gender, intellect, physical strength or resources available to them. Abuse can be online and offline.

The perpetrators often target young people who are vulnerable and who have few choices, but any child or young person can be a victim of CSE. The young person may not understand they are being abused.

If a child or young person reports this to you, believe what they tell you. CSE is never the child or young person’s fault.

If you need to report a CSE concern contact the Police on 101. If a child is in immediate danger phone 999. You can also report anonymously to Crimestoppers 0800 555111

Please also see our Sexual Assault page.

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