Sexual Health in Plymouth provides services directly related to sexual health prevention and treatment, contraception or unwanted pregnancy.

You should see your GP for your routine cervical smear test.

We cannot provide free treatment for conditions which are not sexually transmitted, such as recurrent thrush (candida), Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) or urine infections. If you are seen for these conditions at SHiP, you will have to pay standard prescription charges. Treatment is available from your GP or pharmacies.

We do not offer the following:

Contraception services not offered
  • Most routine contraception for those over 25 years old or repeat pill prescriptions – these are provided by your GP
  • Routine coil or implant fitting for over-25s unless not available at your GP
  • Removal of coils or implants not fitted at SHiP, unless you are no longer able to access the service that fitted the device
  • Contraceptive pill or hormonal intrauterine system to delay/stop periods or to treat heavy or painful periods
  • Fertility treatment
Vaccinations not offered
  • Flu jabs (influenza vaccination)
  • No-cost Hepatitis vaccination or testing for work or travel purposes – you will need to pay for this service from SHiP
  • No-cost Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccination for anyone other than men who have sex with men (MSM) under 45 years of age. This can be accessed through the school vaccination service or can be provided by SHiP or GPs at a cost
Antenatal care not offered

We do not offer routine dating scans in early pregnancy

Menopause care not offered

We do not offer treatment for menopause