The Eddystone Trust is the HIV and sexual health charity that:

  • Supports those affected by HIV – themselves, partners, carers or other members of the family. The service starts right from diagnosis, helping people understand that and what that means to them, including how to tell others, living with the medication through to help around their housing and financial issues
  • Provides rapid point of care testing across the city in a variety of venues for those requiring an HIV or syphilis blood test that gives a result there and then
  • Offers support and advice on all sexual health matters, in a confidential non-judgmental way, including online support on a range of dating/hookup apps
  • Delivers an assertive outreach project (SHOP) which promotes improved sexual, mental and physical health and well-being to women involved in on-street prostitution in the city
  • Offers training to other professionals on a range of topics, also now encompassing ChemSex and Sex in a Digital World. We also offer a range of training events to specific groups such as gay or bisexual males on topics that are relevant to them

Contact 01752 254406 or

Opening times
Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00, when our telephone lines are covered and emails responded to.

However, services are flexible and are delivered whenever it is best for you and that includes evenings and weekends.

Please talk to Eddystone to arrange a convenient place to meet.