OK, so you've decided to test for HIV

Due to funding restrictions, these test kits are ONLY available to:
1. Those resident in Devon and Cornwall
2. Those considered to be at high risk of HIV
You will receive an email confirming whether or not you are eligible to receive this type of test kit.

The kit arrives in the post and is really simple and quick to do.

Finger prick 'blood test'

The finger prick test detects HIV that was caught more than 12 weeks ago.
The test uses a drop of blood produced by pricking your finger using the supplied lancet.
The finger prick test isn't affected by the last time you ate or drank.
Your will be able to read your result in 15 minutes
Sensitivity 99.7% and Specificity 99.9%
This is available to all residents
of Devon and Cornwall.
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the finger prick home
HIV test