Our sexual Health Adviser team can support you with Partner Notification (PN), which is an essential public health activity in the effective management of STIs, including blood-borne infections.

PN aims to reduce rates of re-infection and / or onward transmission by ensuring contacts of patients with an STI are offered testing and treatment if appropriate.

We can assist with this in all cases, regardless of where the infection is being managed.

If you want to talk to a Sexual Health Adviser call us on 01752 431804.

Click here to read Guidelines on Partner Notification.

Which STI contacts need to be informed?

Of gonorrhoea:

  • For men with urethral symptoms, any sexual contacts two weeks prior to the onset of symptoms should be informed
  • For asymptomatic men and all women, any sexual contacts within the previous three months should be informed
  • If a patient’s last sexual intercourse was more than eight weeks before the onset of symptoms, then the patient’s most recent sexual partner should be informed and treated

Of chlamydia:

  • In symptomatic men, all contacts within four week prior to the onset of symptoms
  • For all women and asymptomatic men, all contacts within the last six months (or last sexual partner if no contacts within six months).

Of syphilis

  • All sexual partners within the last three months for primary syphilis
  • All sexual partners within two years for secondary and early latent syphilis.

Of Non Specific Urethritis (NSU) or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID):

  • Four weeks prior to the onset of symptoms in men
  • Six months for women and asymptomatic men, or until the last previous sexual partner (if no contacts within six months)
  • Contact details should be obtained at the first visit as they may subsequently be found positive for chlamydia or gonorrhoea.

Of Trichomonas:

  • All current sexual partners should be informed and treated.


  • Sexual partners within the time frame of previous testing results or, if no previous results, then depending on risk assessment by the health professional. Remember PEP if possible exposure within last 72 hours.

Of Hepatitis B:

  • All sexual contacts or needle-sharing contacts within two weeks prior to the onset of jaundice or until surface antigen negative. Consider vaccinating household contacts or providing immunoglobulin to those at immediate risk. Other contacts dependent on risk assessment by the health professional.