Professional Helpline

This helpline is for healthcare professionals only, for quick access to advice on the management of sexual health, HIV and contraception issues.

Calls are answered by an experienced member of the SHiP clinical staff. In addition to their own expertise they have access to other staff, including consultants.

The lines are open Monday to Friday 09:00–16:30.
Tel: 01752 439760 (except on Tuesday afternoons, when you should call 01752 431234).

Patient Self-Referral

The sexual health and contraception service is an open access clinic to which patients can self-refer either through attending walk-in clinics or booking an appointment on our main number.

Pregnancy Advisory Service will accept self-referrals or referrals from GPs on our main number.

Alternatively, patients can request online STI test kits.

Under 25s can also pick up a chlamydia test kit from different locations around Plymouth including enhanced service pharmacies and enhanced service GPs.

GP Referrals

Whilst patients can self-refer, we do appreciate a referral letter where possible.

A letter is mandatory for an appointment for our psychology and vulval services.

We appreciate the letter detailing any findings, investigations, results and treatments prescribed thus far.

If you wish to refer the patient please send referrals to:
Consultant Sexual Health Physician
Sexual Health in Plymouth
Level 5
Derriford Hospital
Derriford Road

If you prefer to email a referral:
GUM / vulval:

New HIV diagnoses

For information and advice on HIV testing, please see Managing HIV in primary care.

Please contact our health advisers (01752 431804) immediately on receipt of a positive HIV result. We will arrange to see the patient within 48 hours to arrange a confirmatory test and follow-up.

All newly diagnosed HIV patients who have a confirmed positive result will be seen by a specialist HIV physician within 10 working days.

Post-coital/Emergency contraceptive IUD

If you are unable to provide a patient with an emergency IUD and wish to refer your patient to SHiP, please call 01752 431124 to arrange an appointment.

IUDs and implants (LARC)

Several enhanced service GPs in Plymouth are commissioned to fit IUDs and contraceptive implants, and many women prefer to access this type of contraception from their local doctor.

The current commissioning arrangements for the fitting of IUS/IUD and contraceptive implants at SHiP specify the following criteria:

  • The fitting of the IUS is for contraceptive purposes
  • Where a GP cannot remove an implant, SHiP will remove and replace if a further implant is required
  • Medical complexity of an individual requiring LARC which is outside GP expertise and requires specialist sexual health advice / treatment, such as long term medical conditions
  • Any young person under 25
  • Where there is no alternative form of contraception in place at the time of presentation (excluding the use of condoms)