If you are think you may be pregnant, it can be a worrying time. Please see the options available to you below.

I need to do a pregnancy test

Urine pregnancy tests are available at supermarkets and pharmacies. You should choose one with the ‘CE mark’ to ensure it is a quality test.

You can also visit your GP.


I am pregnant and not sure what to do

The most important thing is to work out how many weeks pregnant you are from the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP).

You can attend the Pregnancy Advisory Service at SHIP to see the counsellor and discuss your options further. You can contact us directly on 01752 431129 without going via your GP and we will arrange an appointment with our assessment team.

We can see you to assess how far along you are in pregnancy and to discuss your options if you are unsure whether you wish to proceed with the pregnancy or not.  However, if you wish to continue with the pregnancy please book for antenatal care with a midwife via your GP surgery and they will arrange a dating scan with assessment of risk for fetal anomaly. This is not a service we provide in our clinic.  Alternatively if you have pain or bleeding in early pregnancy your GP can refer you to early pregnancy assessment unit. 

An abortion is available in the UK up to 24 weeks of pregnancy, but the later you are in pregnancy the more difficult this can be to access. Being better informed about abortion will help you decide which option to choose.

This FPA page can help you to explore your options further.


I am pregnant and want to continue with the pregnancy

You need to contact your GP who will arrange your dating scan which checks the physical structure of the foetus, offers nuchal screening for abnormalities and gives an estimated date of delivery. We do not provide this service in our clinic.

Your GP will also make an appointment for you to see the midwife, and together they will make a plan of care for your pregnancy including a dating scan.

If you are less than 12 weeks pregnant (pregnancy calulator), we recommend starting a supplement containing Folic Acid and Vitamin D in line with NHS advice. This is available over the counter from any pharmacy.


I want to have an abortion

Please visit our abortion page and contact us on the main number to arrange an appointment with the Pregnancy Advisory Service.