Recent Changes to Intrauterine contraception (coil) Guidelines:

Any 52mg progesterone hormone intrauterine system (Mirena Coil) inserted when aged under 45 years old can be used for contraception for 8 years.
Any 52mg progesterone hormone intrauterine system (Mirena Coil)inserted when aged 45 years old and over can be used for contraception until age 55years old.
Any 52mg progesterone hormone intrauterine system (Mirena Coil) can be used for 5 years as endometrial protection as part of hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

Hormonal and copper intrauterine devices can be inserted at SHiP for the purpose of contraception. If you require a change of device for HRT purposes only then you will need to contact your GP.

Full guideline available, for more information please refer to FSRH Intrauterine Contraception.

As a service we can provide both copper coils and the hormonal IUS for contraception purposes. Unfortunately, we are not commissioned to provide the hormonal IUS for either HRT or management of heavy menstrual bleeding. Unfortunately, if you require it for these reasons you need to return to your GP to discuss your options for fitting elsewhere. If you are unsure of your scenario, you can contact us for a telephone consultation to discuss your options, however there may be a wait for this.

Please watch this short animation if you are thinking about intrauterine contraception. It will give you a good idea of what is involved and answers many questions you may have.

If you would like us to fit the device, we will ask you to have watched the above video and explored these IUS and IUD links.

If you are having an IUD fitted as Emergency contraception, we would still like you to look at both the video and the factsheet below but the rules regarding unprotected sex before fitting are different and will be addressed with you during your assessment. 

‘One stop’ IUS/IUD fitting service

If your coil is in date at time of change please ensure you do not have sex in the 7 days prior to your coil procedure. 

If your coil is out of date at the time of change please ensure that you are using a reliable in date method of contraception correctly or strict condom use for a minimum of 3 weeks before your coil procedure so that the clinician can rule out any risk of pregnancy.

The procedure will not be done if there is any pregnancy risk

After you have booked your coil appointment, it is advisable that you order a home STI test kit from this link: online-home-sti-test-kits

Please make sure you taken some painkillers and had something to eat before the appointment. If possible, please arrange a lift home from the hospital.