Please watch this short animation if you are thinking about intrauterine contraception. It will give you a good idea of what is involved and answers many questions you may have. 

If you are unable to get your IUS or IUD fitted or removed at your GP practice, please give us a call.

If you would like us to fit the device, we will ask you to have watched the above video and explored these IUS and IUD links.

If you are having an IUD fitted as Emergency contraception, we would still like you to look at both the video and the factsheet below but the rules regarding unprotected sex before fitting are different and will be addressed with you during your assessment.


‘One stop’ IUS/IUD fitting service

Most women wishing to have an IUS or IUD fitted can do so with one visit to clinic.

If you choose this one stop service, we ask you to read and understand this IUS / IUD factsheet.

When you are ready to proceed please ring us on 01752 431124 and ask for a ‘one stop IUS/IUD fitting’ appointment. A time will be arranged for a nurse to telephone you and then the fitting appointment will be booked for an appropriate time.

You may be assessed as unsuitable for one stop service after we have spoken to you, if we have concerns that it is not medically safe to do so. Instead, we will complete a face to face pre-assessment and book your fitting appointment at a later, safer date.

Your GP may also provide this service and you may prefer to make an appointment with them.

There is recent expert advice that these devices are safe to stay in place and remain effective for one year beyond their expiry date – please call us to discuss options with us