Please watch this short animation if you are interested in having an Implant fitted. It will give you the information you need to know before coming to see us.

If you intend on having an implant fitted, we will ask you to have watched the video and explored this implant link.


‘One stop’ implant fitting service
Most women wishing to have an implant fitted can do so with one visit to clinic.

With the ‘one stop’ service, pre-assessment and implant fitting appointments can be combined. This service is available at SHiP Cumberland Centre or if you are under 25 years old, at the Zone.

If you choose this service, read and understand this implant factsheet at least 3 weeks before attending for your appointment.

When you are ready to proceed please ring us on 01752 431124 and ask for a ‘one stop implant fitting’ appointment.

You may be assessed as unsuitable for one stop service when you attend, if we have concerns that it is not medically safe to do so. Instead, we will complete a face to face pre-assessment and book a fitting appointment at a later, safer date.

Your GP may also provide this service.