Condoms by post for 16-25 year olds – call 07867 358187 (Mon – Fri, 9am to 5pm) if your usual C-Card site is closed and you need access to free condoms

Barrier Methods
This means male condoms typically but also includes other methods that physically prevent sharing of bodily fluids such as dental dams or female condoms.

Condoms are barrier methods of contraception. Using condoms is the best way to protect you and your partner from STIs and they can protect against pregnancy. There are many different types of condoms to suit different people.

Some people can experience difficulties with using condoms, and the troubleshooting guide on the link has some helpful hints on how you can overcome issues like losing erections or condoms breaking.

We will be happy to advise you on using condoms and supply them for free.

We can also give you a C-Card if you are under 25, a scheme that provides free quick access to condoms across the city.

Lube can make a big difference to condoms, making them easier to use, reducing the chance of them breaking or making sex feel more pleasurable for both partners.

Lube comes in different types. Water- or silicon-based are safe for use with all condoms, but be careful not to use an oil-based lube or moisturiser with latex condoms, as they can cause the condoms to break.

Condom Distribution Centres (click on map to locate)