If you wish to have an abortion you can contact our service directly on 01752 431129 to make an appointment. You do not have to be referred by your GP.

If you are unsure what you wish to do you can arrange to see a counsellor in our service by calling 01752 431129. This can either be an appointment just to see the counsellor or as part of the abortion assessment process.

Knowing how many weeks pregnant you are is an important factor in helping you choose the best option for you. This is defined as the number of weeks since the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP). Here is a pregnancy due date calculator.

When you attend for your clinic appointment we will do an ultrasound scan to assess how long you have been pregnant – please note this is done with a scan probe inserted into the vagina.

There are 3 types of abortion:

  • Medical (an oral tablet followed by a vaginal tablet)
  • Vacuum aspiration (under local anaesthetic, you remain awake)
  • Surgical (under general anaesthetic, you are sent to sleep)

It is helpful if you can read through these options before your appointment to consider what you would like to do.

If you wish to have an abortion, call us to book an appointment for assessment and to arrange an appropriate procedure.

This FPA page might be helpful to you in thinking through your options.