There is currently extensive building work going on along the road outside the SHiP clinic. SHiP has a second entrance which is accessible via the maternity entrance level 5 Derriford Hospital which may be easier whilst building work is ongoing.

Our phones will be answered from 08:15 until 14:30 on Monday Wednesday Thursday & Friday
and on Tuesday 08:15 until 12:00

We do not run a walk-in service. The walk-in service has been replaced by telephone triage.
Please call our main number
01752 431124.

Requesting an online STI test kit?

From Monday 22nd May 2023 the way you order your online STI test kit will look different. Before ordering your kit, you will be asked to sign up to a Personal Health Record (PHR). You will need an email address and mobile number to register. Please remember to keep your password safe as you will need it when ordering any future test kits.

If you don’t have an email or mobile number, please call us on (01752) 431124 to arrange your test.

What’s new at SHiP?

Have you been missing the C-card in Plymouth?

We have just launched a new scheme to supply condoms free of charge to 13–24-year-olds across Plymouth & Cornwall.

Get your condoms posted to an address of your choice OR collect from one of our distribution sites.

You will need an email address and mobile number to register.  Don’t worry if you haven’t, you can always pop into SHiP or visit The Zone and we can supply you with them.

Click here to visit our page dedicated to the C@SHiP scheme


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Order a home STI test kit online
If you would prefer to test at home, you can order a free SHiP postal test kit online.
Answer a few questions about yourself and we will send the right test for you.
Results will be sent by SMS. All responses are encrypted and confidential.
For Repeat Progestogen – Only Pill

Sexual Health in Plymouth is a partnership between University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust,
Plymouth City Council, The Zone and the Eddystone Trust.